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Huggies and AWHONN are proud supporters of federal legislation that seeks to address the systemic issues contributing to maternal and infant mortality. Contact your congressional representatives to voice your support for this issue.

A nurse holding a sleeping newborn baby in her arms while the mother sits on the hospital bed

*Healthcare providers who work in mother and baby care can play an important role in ensuring that birthing women have safe, optimal and supportive care throughout labor, birth, and postpartum recovery. Achieving this goal means nurses are equipped to address the racial and social inequities that affect birthing women in the U.S., including Black Indigenous and all other women of color.

*Content courtesy of our AWHONN partners.

Huggies partnered with families to help bring awareness to the Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Crisis.

Watch Real Family Experiences:

Visit our AWHONN partners at Birth Equity - AWHONN for additional learning, resources, and tools available for your healthcare system.

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