Huggies® Little Snugglers® Diapers

Our Perfect Diaper for Gentle Skin Protection.

Hypoallergenic and breathable with pocketed waistband to help prevent blowouts, tiny pillows on the gentle liner to help keep baby's skin dry and comfy with umbilical cord cutout.

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Up to 6 lbs


7 - 10 lbs

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8 - 14 lbs

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12 - 18 lbs

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Product Features
GentleAbsorb® Diaper Liner
Step one to keeping your baby’s skin clean and healthy is our GentleAbsorb® Liner (size P-2). It absorbs wetness on contact, keeping it away from your baby’s perfect skin.
Soft Back Pocketed-Waistband
Little Snugglers® Diapers include a soft, back-pocketed waistband to help keep the mess where it belongs and protect your baby’s skin.
Protect Your Baby’s Skin
You just want your baby to be safe, healthy, and comfortable. Huggies® Little Snugglers® Diapers have 2x softer* leg bands for a comfortable fit.
Hypoallergenic & Breathable
Our breathable outer cover helps keep your baby’s delicate skin dry and healthy.
Wetness Indicator
Our color changing wetness indicator will let you know when your baby’s diaper is ready to be changed.
Umbilical Cord Cutout**
Little Snugglers® Diapers have an umbilical cord cutout**, to protect your baby’s belly button while it heals.
Little Snugglers® Diaper Tour
See what makes Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers best for delicate skin.

Wood Pulp Helps absorb wetness and store it away.
Polypropylene A common material in fibers and films. Used to deliver softness, durability, and protection.
Polyethylene A common material used in fibers and films. We use it to deliver softness, breathability, and protection.
Polyrurethane elastics A material with stretch that provides a great fit and helps prevent leakage.
Polyolefin Elastic A material with stretch that provides a great fit and helps prevent leakage.
Adhesives Adhesives are used to hold the components together or help adhere the products to garments.
Colorants Pigments and colorants are used to provide the colors and designs seen on our products. The amounts we use per product are very small and are evaluated to ensure they are safe and non-sensitizing.
Printing Inks Printing inks are used to provide a decorative design. The colorants and pigments we use are evaluated to ensure they are safe and non-sensitizing.
Sodium Polyacrylate A superabsorbent material that pulls in and absorbs fluid for wetness protection.
Polyester A common fiber found in many fabrics or textiles. We use it in our products to deliver softness and protection.
Color-changing wetness indicator An adhesive with color-changing ink that helps to identify when urination has occurred without disturbing the baby.

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