The Science Behind a Properly Formulated Baby Wipe

Learn about essential ingredients found in properly formulated wipes.

Hands holding a Huggies disposable baby wipe

Disposable baby wipes are made up of three components – the basesheet (or wipe cloth material), the formulation (ingredients added to the basesheet to keep the wipe wet and help with cleaning), and the packaging. However, baby wipes are not developed or formulated identically, so it is important to choose properly formulated baby wipes that are designed with baby skin health in mind.

Properly formulated wipes contain the following ingredients to support baby skin health:

  • Water
  • Mild surfactants that aid with cleaning
  • pH-adjusting ingredients to complement healthy infant skin pH which is slightly acidic around 5-5.5
  • Gentle, mild preservatives to prevent product contamination
  • Skin health benefiting ingredients such as emollients, botanicals, vitamins, etc.

Read more about the benefits of using properly formulated baby wipes over cloth and water as well additional considerations for choosing a baby wipe in the PDF below:

The Science Behind a Properly Formulated Wipe

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