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Huggies® is dedicated to uncovering insights and delivering solutions that promote skin health, growth and development to help nurses create a better future for families and babies.

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Birth Equity

AWHONN offers new Respectful Maternity Care resources that promote implementation of equitable evidence-based care. Huggies® Healthcare™ supports all babies and families along the journey to having a healthy birth.

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Skin Health

Baby’s skin is delicate and needs extra care to help keep it healthy. Learn more about the factors that can impact the healthy state of diapered skin.

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Caring for Diapered Skin

Selecting products that are designed with baby skin health in mind is important for healthy diapered skin. Learn about advances in diaper and wipes technology that can help keep baby’s skin clean, dry and healthy.

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Learn about developmental diapering practices, skin health and the power of touch for NICU and full-term babies. Register for free upcoming CNE courses from Huggies® Healthcare™.

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