A yawning baby held in nurses' arm A yawning baby held in nurses' arm

Why Huggies® Healthcare™

We value the critical role nurses play in providing babies with the care they need to thrive by nurturing and protecting the health of their skin. Every step we take in making our products is to ensure Huggies® Diapers and Wipes help keep every baby’s skin clean and healthy.

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Huggies scientists and medical advisors Huggies scientists and medical advisors

Huggies Scientists and Medical Advisors

Our skin scientists foster relationships with Huggies® medical advisors and scientific thought leaders to meet emerging needs enabling us to bring products to market quickly.


Our Partnerships with Healthcare Providers

For many years, Huggies® has fostered a special relationship with healthcare professionals. Not only do our skin scientists continuously improve and innovate our products, we also go a step further to build partnerships with people and organizations that share our commitment to parents, babies, and the communities they serve.

Maternal Healthcare Providers
Next to mom or dad, no one knows newborn babies better than the nurses and neonatal therapists and the those who care for them. From the first office visit, to the hospital and then home, Huggies® Healthcare™ partners with these heroes-in-scrubs to provide front-line information, education and resources regarding infant skin health to help ensure that moms and babies thrive.

A mother kissing their kid on the cheeks


We support maternal nurses and the role they play in the lives of moms and families throughout their pregnancy journey. From providing educational grants for nursing research, to sponsoring education through the Diapering Zone™ on AWHONN’s Healthy Mom&Baby® consumer website, and supporting diaper need, Huggies® Healthcare™ advocates for equitable care for moms and families. We support the association of women’s health obstetrics and neonatal nurses and the role they play.

A masked volunteer donating Huggies diaper pack to passengers in a car


1 in 3 U.S. families experience diaper need. That’s why Huggies® is the founding sponsor of the National Diaper Bank Network. The network has grown to include 200 diaper banks across the country, serving 200,000 children monthly. Huggies® is also the largest diaper donor for the NDBN, contributing more than 250 million diapers since 2011.

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Huggies® is a proud sponsor of the Hand to Hold® NICU community, which offers personalized support before, during, and after a NICU stay. We’re also the national sponsor of their new virtual support groups, which offer virtual services during COVID-19, free of charge for all families and caregivers of NICU babies.

Legs of a diapered baby in NICU on a blanket with footprint design


Huggies® Healthcare™ partners with NICU nurses through National Association of Neonatal Nurses to help develop innovative products to support healthy growth and development for our “Little Fighters” in the NICU. Our partnership programs help provide clinical nurse education and free resources to help ensure families and caregivers navigate the unknowns of babyhood.

A NICU baby in a clear plastic incubator with holes


National Association of Neonatal Therapists is a vital part of in the NICU and supports Huggies® Healthcare by sharing expertise on the growth and development of infants to help create innovative products and supportive interventions such as developmental diapering practices of Every Change Matters™.

Young nurses talking to a Healthcare professional


Education is at the heart of Synova Associates and as one of its Industry Partners, Huggies® Healthcare™ is proud to help strengthen maternal leadership in healthcare by providing NICU and perinatal nurse leaders with innovative skin health information and solutions to help all babies, moms and families thrive.

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