Skin Health

Baby’s skin is delicate and needs extra care to help keep it healthy. Learn more about the factors that can impact the healthy state of diapered skin.

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Infant Skin Health

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Keeping baby’s skin healthy is important for overall health. Skin plays a critical role as a barrier between the body and the external environment. Learn more about the fundamentals of infant skin.


Keeping Diapered Skin Dry

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Prolonged exposure to moisture and urine can result in skin barrier damage, making the skin more permeable to irritants. Learn about the ways in which excessive moisture affects skin and understand how components in diapers help to keep baby’s skin healthy.


Diaper Dermatitis

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The main causes of diaper dermatitis in infants is prolonged exposure to moisture and irritants in urine and stool, which can breakdown the skin barrier, leading to visible skin irritation. Read more about how to reduce the incidence of diaper dermatitis.


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