Benefits of Breathable Disposable Diapers

Understand the importance of choosing disposable diapers that are breathable for maintaining infant skin health.

Hands holding breathable disposable diapers

Excess moisture on skin caused by urine and prolonged wear of a wet diaper is one of the contributing factors to diaper dermatitis. When the skin is overhydrated, the skin barrier loses its structural integrity, leading to increased susceptibility to damage from friction. Irritants and pathogens are able to penetrate easier through an impaired skin barrier and potentially cause diaper dermatitis.

Breathability and the use of superabsorbent materials are important features in disposable diapers design to help reduce moisture on skin and the risk for diaper dermatitis.

Not every diaper is breathable. When selecting products for infant skin health, look for diapers that have and outer cover layer with microporous membranes that allow air and vapor to pass through, but not liquids like urine. These diapers help reduce humidity in the diapered region and skin hydration compared to nonbreathable diapers, which can then also help reduce the incidence of diaper dermatitis.

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