Strategies and Protocols for Healthy Diapered Skin

2:01 min Read

This video is one in a series of short comprehensive skin health education programs that highlights skin care strategies to help mitigate the potential for diaper dermatitis.

The following skin care practices are covered in this video:

  • Thoroughly and gently cleaning diapered skin with properly formulated wipes
  • Maintaining dry skin in the diapered area to prevent skin damage due to overhydration
  • Frequent diaper changes
  • Airing out skin between diaper changes
  • Use of breathable, disposable diapers with increased wicking and superabsorbent materials that allow air to pass through to minimize moisture trapped inside while keeping urine and feces off skin
  • Use of barrier creams and ointments to help reduce diaper dermatitis incidence by preventing direct skin contact with irritants in urine and feces

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