Every Change Matters™ – Guide to Developmental Diapering Care

The average child has more than 10,000 diaper changes in their lifetime. These diaper changes are more than an opportunity for a clean and dry diaper—they provide a chance to integrate developmental care along with infant skin care to help infants thrive.

Every Change Matters™: A Guide to Developmental Diapering Care was developed by the Huggies® Nursing Advisory Council of experts in neonatal and perinatal nursing, therapy, education and a NICU parent advocate working collaboratively to help deliver the best outcomes for babies cared for in the NICU as well as healthy babies.

Healthcare professional taking care of a baby lying in bed of an NICU


How Every Change Matters™ Was Developed

Based on a review of more than 500 articles focused on developmental care, the HNAC discovered an opportunity for healthcare providers to integrate, model and educate parents and other caregivers about the importance of developmental care, in addition to skin care, within the act of diapering.

Why Every Change Matters™

This is the first review to consider diapering within the context of developmental care — including skin care, physical development, sensory elements and bonding. Every Change Matters™ operationalizes developmental diapering care through five areas of focus referred to as the “Alliterative Cs”:

  • Calm & Clean
  • Change & Check
  • Comfort
  • Champion Sleep
  • Confidence & Closeness

Every Change Matters™ resources provide more information to learn, apply and share this new approach.

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